It seems fitting that on the eve of the Enduro World Series hitting Ireland for the second time, we release our first Kona Women Ambassadors video featuring none other than Irish Enduro wunderkind, Leah Maunsell. Leah hails from County Cork in Ireland and grew up surrounded by a family of mountain bikers whom she wouldn’t let leave home without her. Trying to keep up with her brother and father has meant a steep and rapid rise to the top of the Irish ranks both in cross country and enduro. She currently has four junior National Championship XC titles as well as two junior Enduro National Championship trophies lined up on her shelves. At only 16 years of age, we can’t wait to see her add to those accomplishments over the next few years.

The Kona Women Ambassadors are a diverse group of riders, all contributing in their own ways to improve the visibility and advocacy for women in the world of cycling. Stay tuned as we showcase a long list of these inspiring riders who have effected real change and paved the way for new cyclists.


Leah and her brother Jonathan try to work out who will get the last Cadbury Cream Egg.


The trails in Country Cork are tight and technical and more often than not, wet. Leah lucked out when we visited, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!


Leah has tremendous drive and focus, it’s clear from her past results that she’s also got the skills to match.


Having her older brother Jonathan around to discuss line choice and to train with has helped Leah progress through Irelands Enduro ranks quickly.


It’s still Friday somewhere.


Ireland isn’t pretty at all.


Witnessing Leah’s bike handling and speed keep you forgetting that she’s just 16 and only been riding 5 years!