Kona recently introduced their all-new King Zing carbon fiber road bike. It’s made in Italy by Dedacciai, uses custom designed “spined” stays and sports a pretty solid component spec for the price. So why haven’t we heard about it?

We asked Kona just that, here’s the response and some details on the new road bikes:

“People see us as a mountain bike company, which is really how we started, but we’re all roadies here, too,” said Dewey, Kona’s head designer. “I guess we need to hire a better marketing manager,” he joked.

“We do all kinds of road bikes, and we’ve done titanium models in the past and had some of the earliest sloping top tube frames. And we’ve been doing different forms of carbon bikes for a while, and over time we’ve run the gamut from bonded to monocoque. With our new King Zing, we looked at our changing volume-versus-cost dynamic. In the past, we haven’t had the volume to put a lot of money into road bikes. Now, though, we’ve done enough business with Deda that they said we could take one of their frames and customize it to make it Kona. So we’ve modified the stays heavily, with all of our work really done from the seat tube back.”

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