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Kona’s Jack of All Trades, Demo Dave Reports on 24hrs in Old Pueblo

We rolled into 24hr Town (near Old Pueblo, Arizona) bright and early to start set up. The weather man was preaching some wild weather so every thing got bolted down to the desert floor. It sure was a sight watching the crowds pour in. You could see the trail of dust down the 10 mile dirt road to get in to 24hr Town. Our crew rolled in and we started tossing bikes together. Only thing missing was our big gun Cory Wallace who is out for a little while with a broken bone. Turns out that borrowing the sherrif’s big gun wasn’t going to fill that void. Regardless of the gloomy weather everyone was excited to get this race going. Our boy Nick Gibson was top 10 in the Running start, thats him in the sexy mint green Kona ladies shirt. Nick put in a blinding fast lap followed by Brad Titzer. I took the #3 lap wearing my Kona Team America jersey and jeans, I wasnt messing around with all those cactus. 22 miles sure is a long way. Right after my lap the weather came in with strong winds, rain and darkness. Things were starting to look like a ghost town with people tucked away in their trailers and tents trying to stay warm and dry. The only life was crowded around The Kona Fire Pit, with free beer and a drunk guy goofing around with a hula hoop. We kept the fire going all night long. As the sun came up so did the hiding racers. Everyone was stoked and having a great time, this has got to be one of the coolest events that I have ever been to. See ya’ll next year!

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