South Australian based Kona rider Connor Fearon and fellow countryman Josh Button have wasted no time getting up to speed in the humid tropical rainforests of Cairns. You may remember last years event turned chaotic (and a tad comical for for some) when a tropical cyclone rolled through town, drowning the pits, riders and the media a like in a heavy deluge of biblical proportions. Well it seems after a dry track walk on Wednesday, the predicted rains have arrived for this the second UCI visit to Cairns, and they made for an exciting timed practice. “Track here in Cairns is sweet unless it’s pissing down with rain, which is half the time it seems like! – Connor Fearon. Qualifications are tomorrow (well today in Australia) and here looking forward to seeing Connors number nine plate to move even lower. You can show the riders your support by following them on Instagram and letting them know your backing them! Connor Fearon can be found here and Josh Button here.


Everything in Australia can kill you… Except this freaking huge spider. Photo Duncan Philpott


Connor Fearon is stronger than you. Photo Duncan Philpott


After a solid result last week Connor has dropped his starting position into the top ten. He’s now rocking the nine plate. Photo Duncan Philpott


Orange is the old Green. Josh Button getting to grips with the track and a new bike. Photo Duncan Philpott


Josh Button hitting berms for dayz. Photo Duncan Philpott


Who wants to see this number decrease even further?  Photo Duncan Philpott


Those roots are going to be slippery when wet! Photo Duncan Philpott