After what seems like an eternity since round two in Cairns, the World Cup DH break is finally over and we now get to see our heroes hit the legendary (and long) Fort William track. Well, not all our heroes, Canadian rider Stevie Smith passed away during the break, hitting everyone on the World Cup circuit extremely hard. Today though, they got to pay their respects in the coolest way possible. After track walk wrapped up this morning The Kona Gravity Team along with every other world cup racer attached a replica of Stevie’s number 6 race plate to their bikes, donned a tribute t-shirt and dropped in for the raddest Mega Train ever.WC_FortWilliam_TrackWalk-0402
Cairns sees the whole Kona Gravity Team together for the first time this season. Connor Fearon, Josh Button, Tegan Molloy and junior Anthony Poulson all walked the track this morning. Dry and sunny conditions greeted them, lets just hope they stick around!

WC_FortWilliam_TrackWalk-0972Would you trust Uncle Connor and Aunty Tegan to watch your 15 year old? Kona Junior Anthony Poulson is living the dream!

WC_FortWilliam_TrackWalk-0952Tegan took a digger crushing a pump track competition back home in Aussie before the season kicked off and missed the first two rounds. She’s healed up, fit and ready to race!

Josh doesn’t even need a mechanic. #beatsworking

WC_FortWilliam_TrackWalk-0373Connor on the other hand…