krissneddon82771Squamish BC. Known for it’s kick ass mountain bike trails and all around riding. No better place to have a mountain bike race and this one is a doozy. Some of Kona’s factory team were there along with a few Kona employees. Wendy Simms returned to defend her win from lasts year’s Test of Metal but pulled out at the feed zone (to not over exert herself) due to the fact she has a bun in the oven. That’s right, Wendy is going to be a mom.

Kris Sneddon was there from the factory men’s team taking third overall with Max Plaxton, the US cup points leader, taking the win and walking home with some cash in his pocket. All sorts young and old participated in this field of a thousand riders. It was a great turn out and nice to see so much enthusiasm for riding and racing bikes coming out of that corridor. On another note. Hats of to Catherine Pendrel, the women pro category winner, for giving back a some cash to the best men and women performance residing in Squamish. Nice to see someone kicking back into an already enthusiastic community. Another hat off to the boys from Tantalus Bike shop for providing some good times at the feed zone. Can’t wait for next year.