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Kyleigh Stewart and Sydney Schumacher Send It Through Bellingham’s Hangtime Event


Hannah Bergemann’s
Progression Focused
Women’s Jump Jam

Kyleigh Stewart hitting the massive Blue Steel jumps in Bellingham, WA.
Photo by: Paris Gore


Hangtime. Not just a clever play on words, it’s also a clever way to set the tone of an event. First, and foremost, this was not a competitive event. This was an event that was more… casual. Well, about as casual as you can be when you’re hitting 35+ ft gaps and taking appendages off of your bike mid-air. Hangtime was a weekend for progressing women in freeriding in a supportive environment, but it was so much more than women supporting women. It threw off an incredible vibe of women pulling women up, with the support of every man, mother, and child in attendance over a two day period.

Like Casey Brown, who put on a similiar event in Revelstoke B.C. called Dark Horse Invitational, Hannah Bergemann has access to resources that give her the platform to create these up and coming types of events: perfectly sculpted jumps, a supportive local community, and big name sponsors who are thrilled to lend a hand. Pair these with her personal balance of kindness and drive, and out comes a jump jam that breeds a new level of riders.

Kona Ambassadors Kyleigh Stewart (Kamloops, B.C.) and Sydney Schumacher (White Salmon, WA) made the trip to Bellingham, WA for the event and watching them make their way through the massive Blue Steel jumps was impressive. They played a part in inspiring female riders to progress themselves and show an example of how to re-create the supportive vibes that were exploding out of this jump jam.

Even after two full days of riding, when it came time for the event to wind down, the athletes threw down. The finale went off with a bang seeing trains of up to 16 women hitting the line. The tricks seemed to ramp up as whips and tables were followed by tuck no-handers, one footers, no canns, and the ultimate crowd pleaser – a big floaty backflip. 

Congratulations to all the women for their progression! We look forward to seeing more of this!

Sydney Schumacher was determined to make her way through this line, hardly taking a break all day.

Photo by: Paris Gore

The athlete experience

Photo by: Paris Gore

Hangtime was easily the highlight of my summer! I can’t remember the last time I was immersed in such a supportive and progressive atmosphere, from the start everyone there worked together and lifted eachother up. The event itself was so well run and the jump line was so much fun, I enjoyed every second of it! I’ve never been more stoked to ride bikes and work hard to achieve my goals!

- Kyleigh Stewart, Kona Ambassador

Last time I came up to Bellingham, I put eyes on Blue Steel. I was not able to start piecing it together on that trip, but knew I wanted to. Now I can’t imagine doing this jump line with anyone else. These women have been the most stoked, impressive, and encouraging riders. I am fired up on a full pull and looking forward to many more.

- Sydney Schumacher, Kona Ambassador

Kyleigh Stewart looked right at home on the PNW dirt. 

Spectators showed their support by pushing bikes up the hiking trail for the athletes. 
Anthony Bacon (one of Kona’s design engineers) pushes Sydney’s bike up for another run.

Click through Kyleigh’s Instagram post to see more action and the full lineup of athletes.

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