2 weeks ago i received a phone call asking if i wanted to go over to Finland for the annual Nasse ride event hosted at the Kona Bike Park Laajavuori. With an early friday start i set off to Heathrow for my 3 hour flight to Helsinki followed by a 3 hour drive to Jyvaskyla.

The trip was a wet one for sure but to brighten things up i was lucky eneough to try out a fair amount of the 2013 bikes on display. I chose the Entourage, Mikko was on the operator and tapbeir (probably the coolest name in history, i called him beertap!) was shredding Konas latest member of the family the Process. Despite the weather we managed to get in plenty of runs and certainly didn’t care about the mud and rain. We were filming out there so expect to see more info on the trip shortly.