This past weekend was all about KonaLTD teamwork. Linja, Roy, Dave, Laura, Martijn (Linja’s partner) and Lotte traveled to Bike Festival Assen to do take part in the 24h race. The team relay kicked off at 2pm on Saturday afternoon laps of around 20 minutes.

Roy started the race by running on the beach of Baggelhuizerplas to pick up his bike and deal with the muddy first lap. During the days leading up to the festival the weather was very Dutch, which means a lot of rain, so a lot of mud!

After two great first laps, Roy passed the baton to Linja and the KonaLTD Team was quickly in the lead of the 24h mixed team category. The race proceeded steadily, during which everyone had to do two laps and the differences between the other teams were closely monitored. Dave was the best mechanic we could wish and he took care of all the bikes, and keep them clean and well tuned. Soon the Kona’s stood out and were noticed by a lot of people especially Tom’s, the titanium bike really hit the spot!

When the dusk started, the mud was almost gone but the darkness made the track even more difficult. Everyone mounted a head and front lamp and we made a schedule for the night. So that we knew when the team could sleep.

After a long but good night without crashes and technical problems, the KonaLTD Team noticed that the gap between the second team was almost a full lap. At 11 o’clock they decided to switch every lap, so every lap was a cross-country race. Laura had the privilege to ride the last lap and after that, the team crossed the finish line together on Sunday 2:05, 24hours and 5 minutes after starting, as winners.

Of course, cycling was the main job this weekend but the vibe was important too. Big thanks to Dave (and Sram) who took care of the bikes to clean and fix them!

Enduro Bouillon

Last Saturday Daniel Prijkel’s last enduro race was on the program in Bouillon (Belgium). After a lot of rain the days before and the day itself the track was incredibly muddy. As we are used to the organization of Bouillon enduro race, they had a beautiful track for the riders. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a Daniel’s day. “I did most of the stages a bit too careful. I did not make big mistakes but I did not have enough speed. Eventually, I got 11th place, so it was not the best race of the season. I have to say I never really ride the best races in the mud, but I wanted a better result”. Still, it was a beautiful race and a good final race of the enduro season.