20160806_180527Wow! What a great week spent with amazing people. This week Leah and Jonathan Maunsell headed out to Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis in Austria for the Kona Rookies Camp. The camp group came together on Monday evening and the Bikepark shredding began early on the following day. Jonathan was there to spend the week coaching and tutoring the young rippers alongside Alicia Kuhne and Andre Vogele. Leah joined the camp and listened in for some tips. It wasn’t long before Jonathan realized he wouldn’t be doing all the teaching, but perhaps learning some style from the young kids who started at just 10 years of age and were already sending all the jumps and even doing suicide no handers.20160801_174342

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday consisted of lots of fast bike park laps and some big mountain descents including the newly improved Frommes Trail. The work the trail shapers do at Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis is second to none and has to be seen for yourself.IMG_5032

It was obvious that everyone’s riding ability had really come on leaps and bounds during the week as all of the kids tackled the challenging race track for the IXS Cup and the Kona International Rookies Cup. Friday’s practice was cancelled due to extremely wet weather conditions, however the Pumptrack Challenge still went on with a really good display of skills on show.

p4pb13792049The downhill track went from dusty berms to sloppy corners overnight, but that didn’t hold back the young racers as they smashed out plenty of practice runs early Saturday morning ahead of the afternoons racing. Leah had a good race run taking her to third position in the U17/19 girls race. She was very happy with this considering it was her first DH race outside of Ireland.IMG_5029

Sunday morning arrived and the sloppy corners had turned to drier mud but it wasn’t long before it became almost as bad as the previous day. Jonathan spent the morning on track offering up any tips or line choice advice to any of the young Kona Rookies Camp kids. Leah’s race run wasn’t so clean with a big off causing her to get caught up in the race tape and wasted a lot of time trying to get on track.IMG_5028

Now that the week has come to an end, we now have the time to watch back some of the crazy Go Pro footage and remember all the good times we had this past week. It’s time to say thank you to everyone that has been a part of making this week so good.

Huge thank you to Kona Bikes for this amazing opportunity and we can’t wait to go back again next year!