Saalfelden Leogang in the Salzburger Land region, May 31st, 2011 – After the first Fourcross and Downhill UCI World Cup events in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, it is far from decided who will take home the World Cup victory. Aaron Gwin (USA) took the win in the downhill event while many people probably still would have placed their bets on last year favorites, Greg Minnar (RSA), Sam Hill (AUS) or Gee Atherton (GBR). In fourcross, no one was able to defeat the defending superstar Jared Graves (AUS). The Australian fourcross rider Graves waited for no one as he left the competition far behind him for the win. This year’s UCI Mountain Bike World Cup as part of the Out of Bounds Festival (June 10th – 19th) should once again get exciting when the world’s best riders return to defend their ranking. To make sure riders and spectators get the most out of the races, the courses have been modified and perfected for an exciting and worthwhile event – Leogang’s course planners and builders definitely made sure of that!
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It is widely known that the Speedster at Leogang Bike Park demands respect even of seasoned professionals. This year’s UCI World Cup Downhill course has been newly designed and reconstructed by the HU Cooperation with some precious advice from Swiss downhill champion Claudio Caluori (SUI) to optimize it for the races on the second weekend of June. Most of the work happened in the first 200 meters of the course. New berms, and a new step-up step-down await the riders this season. The middle speed section of the course, which allows the riders to reach velocities of up to 80 kilometers an hour, also features a number of long tables for some major airtime of up to 15 meters. Additionally, rock gardens have been added to the course making it especially important for the riders to choose the right path in order to not be thrown off the course. Lastly, right before the finish line riders will get to launch themselves over the big final jump, turning it into a guaranteed audience favorite.

The fourcross riders also will have the opportunity to run wild in this year’s newly designed course. The raceway has been widened, in order for riders to have more over-taking possibilities. Already in the first turn, the course builders have created more room for exciting maneuvers by enlarging it drastically. The second turn now even features a second line and the section before the bridge has also been widened for the ultimate racing competition. Course designer and successful Fourcross rider, Guido Tschugg (GER), explains: ‘‘During the first World Cup race on this course last year I made sure to watch particularly closely to see how could I optimize the course for the riders and the spectators. I could see exactly what was good and what I could still improve on in order for the race to maintain its excitement from start to finish.‘‘

A visit to the Out of Bounds Festival is definitely worthwhile if you are looking for the perfect mix of bike-action and exciting side programs. Next to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, a special highlight is definitely the 26TRIX fueled by Monster Energy and the concert by Polarkreis 18 on June 11th in the event hall at Leogang.

Become a track tester for the UCI World Cup in Leogang! Simply post a picture or a short clip of yourself riding your bike on the official fanpage of the UCI World Cup Leogang, collect the most likes and try out the course before even the pros get to!

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