Ambassador Ulysse Daessle has been on lockdown in Italy for the past few weeks. Words and photos by Ulysee.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan.

All the dream rides, all the fantastic single track riding during the sunset, all the epic days in the saddle; gone. All the plans of meeting friends and enjoying spring; gone.

As we are on lockdown here in Italy, we have to stay off the bike for a while. What we took for granted few weeks ago isn’t real any more. We felt that riding was a right, and now we need to be responsible by stopping. 

Somehow, that makes us think deeply about our will and our need. About what truly makes us feel good. Why we are riding and what does it means to us? Deep inside everyone has their reasons.

And maybe at some point we will realize we’ve been a bit spoiled—privileged kids to be able to enjoy our passion every day, no matter what. Being hungry for more and bigger, instead of enjoying every single little moment. Unable to truly appreciate what we had.

We now have time to think and to remember.

But what is for sure is that we will keep dreaming of journeys in the saddles, time in the woods, single track, epic mountains days and bike park laps. And oh yes, we will be hungry for the trails when the days come for us to push the pedal again.

Let’s escape into our minds for now. Soon we will wake up under better stars and make our dream rides reality!