For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Geoff Huber. I am no one special…just another industry guy who loves to race bikes. I started Life Cycle Bike Shop with two buddies in 2007. Cycling is my passion, probably is yours too if you are reading this. I started “working” with Kona when we opened the shop and Jimmy James has been there with support every time I have called for it. I (and everyone at the shop) rides a Kona. We feel in love with their 29r’s back in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. Kona bikes just make sense. I have ridden and raced a lot of different 29r bikes in the past and I can tell you that I have yet to ride one that even comes close to the ride quality of a Kona.

So enough brown nosing eh? The real reason why I am writing this is because once again Kona has hooked me up to do some racing and I want to let everyone know just how rad these bikes are. For this season I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first Major Jakes! Yes, Kona has gone karbon! The Major Jake is Kona’s high end race ready cross bike. Now I am like most industry guys and gals, I like my bikes to be set up a certain way, saddle, bar, chain keeper, etc. etc. Not the case this season. Except for a quick saddle swap I have raced this bike stock! But lets be honest…a full Ultegra group, Utlegra tubeless wheels, and avid brakes makes it pretty easy. Oh and lets not forget about the carbon…wow what an amazing ride. As an avid racer I have always tried to not let the gadgetry get the best of me, you know what I’m talking about “its not the machine, its the motor” and all of that. This is true, but boys and girls let me tell you just how nice it is to have a real race machine under you when the going gets rough. The Major Jake is smoooooth on the rough stuff…but accelerates like a Texas wildfire in 60 mph winds! The first night out on this bike, I did nothing but grab the drops, hammer the pedals, and sprint. I am definitely not a sprinter…but man this bike made me feel like one.

I jumped into my first A race a couple of weeks ago and managed to scratch out a respectable 6th place. Not a great result, but also not a bad result considering that I took almost the entire season off as a result of an unfortunate encounter with a car on my commute home last winter. Krugers was flat, bumpy, and super rough in some sections…but the Major took care of me and allowed me to suffer through without giving me so much as a whimper. I started my second race this week at our local stomping grounds here in Eugene and got the win! Once again I have to tell you all that this bike will make you faster…plain and simple. So there you go. Summer is waning, Fall is on the horizon and that means the mud, cowbells, rain, beer, and cheer that is cyclocross is upon us. Stay tuned for more blurbs and get yer butt into your local Kona dealer and check out their line of cross bikes…you will be glad you did. Lazer…Geoff.