From Kona dealer Green Mountain Bikes in Rochester, Vermont after hurricane Irene devastated the area…

Luckily for many on the Eastern Seaboard, Hurricane Irene was downsized to a Tropical storm before it made landfall in major US cities like Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Unfortunately, It still dropped enough rain and wind to decimate certain areas, especially in Update New York and Vermont.

Rochester, VT was particularly beat up, with part of their town losing a bridge and becoming trapped on an island unreachable by car. A foot/bicycle bridge was built to get supplies to the stranded folks on the “island,” and Doon began delivering water on his Ute.

“Hey Dale,

Here you go, some good action shots with the Ute saving the day delivering water to the folks on the “Island” across the bridge.

My shop and inventory have not been damaged.

I’ll call you later, Doon”
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