Before you can fully appreciate the gravity of a movie like Life Cyles, you should warm up with something like a giant Margarita from the mexi joint at the Palms followed by lime flavor Bud Light at Bourdo’s truck in the parking lot.

Here is a very blurry and terrible shot of Robbie Bourdon, my neighbor and former Kona Clump rider, enjoying one such margarita before the said Bud Light session in preparation for the events to come.

Very soon after this photo was taken, we headed to the Life Cycles premier at the Palms and proceeded to have our minds blown.

I was in so much awe, my jaw was unable to shut for a solid two hours. A new bar has been set.

Congratulations to Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb for delving so deep and redefining what is mountain bike movie making. Hell, even movie making in general.

Oh yeah, by the way, Kona Clump rider Aggy’s session was dope, it stole the show. But that’s for you to decide once you see the movie.

Buy a copy now.