Words and photos by ambassador Seb DeMeris, who has a pretty big quiver of Konas! Our second theme for the ambassador program was “Light.” To see all of the “Winter” submissions, please click here.

Light is what is missing during the winter when the days are short and dark. It’s then something I need to take with me every morning to be visible when I ride to the university. And I need to put them on the bike again when I go home at the end of the day.

Light in the day during spring becomes longer, which means more time to ride!

And shape too!

Light and heat during summer can be avoided by riding in the fresh air of the woods.

Light in autumn is something we have to enjoy until the rainy, snowy and dark months of winter.

Light and shades in the forest is something I could stare at all day long.

Light is what my Process 153 wasn’t at the end of this enduro race  (by the way I hope it’s the last time I’ll have to run to finish a special ahah) .

Light can come from a bonefire after a ride, and mean goodtime with friends.

Light mean beautiful landscape in the morning and in the evening.

Light is something you can look for when you’re in the fog.

Light is what I would have need to continue that way. It sometimes limits the possibilities.

Light on a trail can sometimes be magic, and forces us to stop, have look and enjoy the present!

Days and light become longer, let’s enjoy this on bike !