Limberlost’s Jason Britton may have been born in the vast metropolis of Los Angeles, but he has found his home in Oregon, the varied terrain and endless possibilities for adventure have kept him there. A part time bike racer, tourer, web developer, and full time bullshitter. He enjoys getting lost on dirty roads, riding all day, and drinking Rainier with friends and he seemed like the perfect person to give a pre-production sample of our new 2016 Sutra Ltd for a serious shakedown.KONA2016_PRESS-4701

It’s hard to really know a bike after a short amount of time, but a few things have been clear from the start.

  1. On long days, I don’t feel like I’ve been fighting the bike all day. I feel very comfortable on the top, hoods, and in the drops, and I attribute this to the riding position.
  2. The bike climbs quite well. I keep wondering if I’m in good shape, but that can’t be it.
  3. I feel almost too confident when descending. The bike tracks well on loose gravel and packed trails
  4. The fork really cuts down the chop on washboard, and choppy roads. This also contributes heavily to fighting fatigue on long days.

Jason’s full first impressions can be found over here.