Last weekend, there were some great races on the calendar for the KONA LTD team. The enduro boys had the weekend off, but Laura, Dave and Lotte gave it their all in their races. Taking place in Spaarnwoude, Holland and Rursee, Germany, there were challenging tracks ahead.  Laura took on the big distance, racing 100km on the MTB. Lotte had to deal with technical segments such as a long flat rock garden and a strong field of competitors. 



After a heavy week of biking and a successful KONA Red/R tour (story below), Dave and Laura were present on the start line of the marathon in Rursee. They could choose between 70km or 100km. Laura choose the 100km, with a bit of friendly pressure from Roy! Dave settled on the 70km race.


With the aim of mostly riding her own pace, fast and steady, Laura had a lonely race, which made it more challenging! The flats and the strong wind, together with the 2500 meters of climbing made it extra difficult. Nevertheless, Laura held her own pace and even ended up overtaking many male riders. Many riders suffered with cramps! Tired but satisfied she crossed the finish line as second woman after a race of more than five hours! 

Dave’s motto was chill uphill, hard downhill. Together with his training friend he enjoyed every minute. 



3Nation Cup, Spaarnwoude (C2)

The organizers of the 3Nation cup once again created a beautiful track and Lotte were looking forward to racing on Sunday. Her first race in Holland this season, nerves mixed with excitement! After a long and flat start, Lotte managed to overtake a lot of riders on the first climb and so she went third into the forest. The entire race needed full focus with a lot of tricky corners and hard efforts up the climbs. Despite the strong field of competitors, in the end Lotte finished second – an unexpected result, she finished the weekend super happy! 


KONA Red/R tour

Below in the report, but at least as important: the KONA “ride, eat, drink, repeat”. Last year, there were 15 riders at the Dutch Bicycle Centre to ride this KONA Red/R tour. This year more than 30 people with all different Kona bikes were present on this beautiful Wednesday evening. Old Kona bikes (some really old Kona bikes) and brand new ones were all there. The riders were all looking forward to ride together and to have a good barbecue afterwards. Dave worked the BBQ like a real chef. He grilled with all of his heart. After a nice ride, the bikers ate and had a lot of fun. See you next year Kona bikers!