Words and photos by Ambassador Clara Cendoya Ibanez


Warm time, rain, mud party!! 

It is a shame that summer is gone… There are so many happy times and a lot of free time we both have! I am back in school, a little bit lazy but a lot of illusion. I love seeing the faces of my students starting a new adventure of learnings and fun times. We will miss the sun, the longest days, swimming pools, the sea, river baths… and of course, the bike parks!!! But… Voilá!! The wet terrain that we are expecting, the smell of the humidity, autumn grip!! Here it is!! I am so excited to go out and ride my Process through all the trails full of new feelings and sensations. 


Here, in the northwest region of Madrid, well, actually in most parts of Spain—during the summer the mountains where we usually ride are less attractive, a bit dry and dusty and yellow-colored. Of course, they have their own charm, but there is nothing better than enjoying them after a big rain. 


Now is the time to disappear and go find yourself. 

I love taking my Process to go to the mountain. The silence… Then hearing signals that the environment sends me. Different sounds that tell the weather and change of the seasons.

Stop in a beautiful meadow at the top with amazing views and sit down for a bit, enjoying all those sensations, to meditate and practice Yoga. This is my moment, that moment when I got lost, that I get rid of and scape off the stress, routine and noises of the everyday. And I find myself. 

It is my time.