Thursday, the day of arrival in the Paraiba do Sul, where did the Brazilian Championship in 2010. After spending six hours traveling, we arrived it was already late afternoon, but finally arrived. Time of litter bags, store the bikes, pack the equipment and get ready for practice the next day.

Friday, a day incredibly beautiful, too much sun and heat absurd. Nothing more than just a ride to meet the so-called downhill run of the city, always a thrill to walk into a new track. After some Weather you think it can not describe the route is a short track with many jumps and turns, what’s for fun a lot, lol, some parts of speed but a bit slippery, which had to be very careful, though in other parts of slippery thanks to the hot, dry weather had a lot of dust, which hampered a bit. After that we went to the track FourCross, I decided to go down only once because in addition to failing to rescue, knew he had to push myself a little more in the downhill, to be a tougher competition. The track was very technical and very fast, did not that time walked on a track like this, but my experience helped me a lot, what did I identify very much with the circuit.

Saturday to qualify. Knew it was not the big day but I had to concentrate to hit the runway and make a good time in both categories. In downhill, went down with the idea of no force and accelerate hard to fall and suffer no harm me in the race, just try to do all round. Bye! I did the best female time (2:28.82), I was eight seconds ahead of Bruna Ulrich (2:36.64) placed second. It was a delight; from there I knew that my chances of winning were greater. In FourCross I got a great result, staying with the tenth fastest time among men and women better time again. What helped me, choosing to start my streak.

Sunday, The Race Day dawned cloudy, day closed with heavy clouds and cold, good day for rain. At about eight o’clock began the practice of DownHill and soon after my first run, nothing less expected, the rain came, thankfully quick and fine, not disrupting anything. Exactly ten-thirty in the morning was given the start of the race; the race started and brings back the sun. The elite women’s category was the first to run, and to assist in the tension I was the first rider to fall. Near some races until I looked calm, but despite the ready, every race seems to always be first. Adrenaline at the surface, that anxiety, wanting to drop soon, wanting to enter the track from time to end the cold in the belly, that fear of making mistakes and wasting time, looking at that first corner, and recalling all the details of the track. Finally those five seconds to drop, which seemed to take forever, I quit. After entering the track, forget everything and concentrate only on parts of the track I can use to get a good result. More love in quite over, with the rides and jumps, to get gain time at all and finally pass the finish line. It is a great emotion when you arrive at the end and see who made no mistake, that he fell, he did everything exactly as I wanted and did a good time. And best of all, when he hears the final result, “the new champion Luana Oliveira Brazilian DownHill 2010.” It was great, I could still qualify from the lower eight seconds and was six seconds ahead of Bruno Ulrich, placed second again. Happiness with my run was immense, unmatched by any other sensation. And as a participant for the third time the Brazilian DownHill, very proud to be double champion.

In Fourcross dropped well through the base that the BMX has given me. What made me open up a good distance from the runner. Run fast, but with the minutes counted to end soon and I finally devote FourCross Brazilian champion for the fourth time. Fortunately, I am very pleased with my results and ready to close.

I would like to thank all of KONA BRAZIL, who are my official sponsors and have always supported me fully in evidence, especially this one. I also congratulate the Djon Fornari, pal Kona team, which went very well in two ways, being among the top five in the downhill and FourCross. Thanks to everyone who cheered me and supported me during my victory.

Luana Oliveira.
Brazilian Champion Downhill and FourCross 2010.

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