The Kona Electric Ute is a fun companion, and it’s given me a glimpse of true, sweat-free utility cycling even in the hilliest bits of hilly Bath. It’ll carry huge loads and the power assistance means that shifting them is a doddle. It doesn’t feel like the finished article though; it needs better electrics to fully justify that £1,800 price tag.

So what’s in the box, assuming that they make boxes this big? Well, the Ute is built around a 7005 aluminium frame that’s fairly standard upright geometry at the front but extended at the back to include room for a massive pannier (one supplied) and a rear platform that’s big enough to give a mate a lift back from the pub, or nip round to school with a couple of kids. That’s mated to the ever-dependable P2 cromoly fork and Deore/Alivio MTB running gear. The brake set up is reversed from the non-electric version, with a disc at the rear and a V-brake at the front, since the front hub motor isn’t disc-compatible. It’s all dependable kit and eminently upgradeable if your Ute is destined for a long and hard life.

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