Kona Gravity Team dad/mechanic/boss Mathieu Dupelle and Connor posted some interesting Instagram images over the weekend, namely of Connor on our Wo fat bike with a number plate?. Instagram only had part of the story so we went to the source to get the full low down on exactly was happening.


Since we support the B-maxx  DH and Enduro races at Bromont, I always make sure to attend when i’m there. Connor had a lot of testing to do on his DH bike and did not plan to race any of the events. While we were setting up his DH bike in my race shop he bet me that he could beat me on the fat bike that was hanging up on the wall, the bet was that the looser had to race the enduro on the fat bike. Connor is a very talented athlete, he is fast on anything, I didn’t think he’d beat me coming down the hill but the course was smooth with berms and not too technical. After our first practice I knew I was in trouble. After posting a time of 1.21 I knew he would beat it, I was hoping he’d get a flat tire on the clown bike but he’s just too good of a rider and his time was 1.14 on the fat machine. He did impress everyone with his skills, doing all the jumps and railing the berms after only doing two practice runs. The fat bike didn’t fit in the lift so he had to climb to the start of every run. He definitely won.13621752_10157093289340156_1459193616_o

The enduro on the Wo was very funny, bouncing around and laughing all the way down the tracks, well apart from the technical sections where the tires were to wide to fit into the rocks and I was scared for my life. Overall it was a great weekend with the team full of friendly bets. Everyone is safe and ready for Lenzerhide for next round of the world cup.