Last weekend I did my first race of the season in prime Pac NW winter conditions. It was the first of 3 races in the Spring Brake Super D series at the Sandy Ridge trail system. The mud on the course was perfect! We started in snow at the top and descended on icy roots and rocks for the first 5-6 minutes and then finished up with a muddy roller coaster pump track section for the last 6-7 minutes. For a small training series, it was a hit! Close to 90 riders showed up to play in the snow and mud.

March has not been kind to us here in the Northwest, unless you are a skier. I went for a pre ride to help mark the track and crashed three times just trying to make it to the bottom. Did I mention the race started in snow? Should make for an interesting first race, I thought to myself, and it was. I went first at high noon with hopes of having a clean run, without any major ball ups. Well, I had to reevaluate that goal after the first 30 seconds. I ended up hitting the deck twice and slipping out of my shoe during one of those crashes. Not too smooth, but I stayed on the gas all the way to the finish covered in mud. It felt good to get back to the routine of racing. Luckily, every rider that came through after me had similar tales of rootcicles and slippery mud bogs. At the end of the day, I had the fastest time by 15 seconds, and feel like I will be more prepared to head back to school, now that I had my Spring Brake!

A big thanks goes out to everyone that helped make this Spring series happen and to Butch from Sellwood Cycle and Repair for being there with the Kona van and support for the masses!

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