This just in from our Super D shredder, Matt Slaven…

Hey dudes,
I just wanted to get an update on the COG this week about me getiing 3rd last weekend at the Oakridge super d and then 1st at this weekend’s Sandy Ridge finally to make me the Series Overall winner! Really cool series and Kona sponsored it to some degree this year. I’m waiting for some pics to surface, but should have some soon….also Decline is going to do a 6 page article on the series this fall and maybe an Under the Radar column on me as well! Next weekend is the series finally for the Fluidride Enduro Cup on Mt Hood…I’m currently in 3rd and it is a three day flog fest, so we will see….Adam Craig, Nathan Riddle and the rest of the ringers will be there.

For more info on the series, check out these links: Oregon Super D Series and Fluid Racing

Click on the photo to see the entire Sandy Ridge gallery