At the 24 Hours of Old Peublo, almost everybody goes out of their way to be different. Whether it’s a pair of comedy teeth, bunny ears attached a helmet, a silver one-piece or – if you’re a guy – a nice floral dress, standing out from the crowd is all part of the game. It’s like the Burning Man festival on bikes. But what nobody has twigged, is that if you truly want to turn heads at El Peublo, all you need to do is race on 26in wheels. Yep, 29ers are all over the place in Arizona. We’d conservatively estimate that 95% of the 1800 competitors were riding big wheels. And it’s not hard to see why on a race course that prioritised rolling momentum over sudden bursts of acceleration. So if Kona wanted to immerse us journalists in the world of the big wheeler, it couldn’t have chosen a better place.

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