“The good suspension balance adds confidence and responsiveness when tackling fast consecutive turns. Get into rougher terrain and you soon forget this little bike only has 134mm of travel as it hammers through the chunder, muting smaller bumps impressively. “

MBUK‘s January issue has hit the newsstands and with it, a 4-star review of our Process 134 CR DL

“Progress uphill is rapid enough, and at no point did we feel like the 13.9kg Process 134 was holding us back. Over the occasional steep pitch on smoother trails, we did flick the low-speed compression lever to firm up the shock and maximise efficiency. The seated position feels just about roomy enough to keep things comfy on long drags, too.
Plunge into some downhill singletrack and you soon appreciate the bike’s lithe, agile ride.”

You can check out MBUK’s full review here as a PDF.