Sunday 3rd August saw the national Enduro champs kick off on Djouce Mountain in Wicklow, Ireland. Situated just 30mins from the Capitol Dublin Djouce is the unofficial home of Enduro riding in Ireland so everybody was excited to be racing the national champs there.

Saturday offered open practice and it rained all day which sort of helped our team as it levelled the playing field (sneaky practice in the week leading up to the event had all been in the dry however none of our riders had the opportunity for early practice so this worked out for us). Sunday and it was still raining, it was going to be a very tricky day.

We had Leah Maunsell, Shona D’arcy and Michelle Muldoon entered in the Pro ladies, Jonathan Maunsell in the Pro Men and Joseph Clancy and Cillian Thomas in U18 so we were really hoping for some podiums.


The Pro’s set off first and all settled into the day quickly, Leah set the standard early on taking the first stage of the day with Shona in 4th and Michelle in 5th and Jonathan quickly followed behind taking 7th in his class, Joseph and Cillian started later in the morning but hit the ground running taking 11th and 15th places, this was pretty much the pattern for the day, Leah never released her grip and won the remaining 4 stages giving her the win overall, Michelle got herself a 2nd, 3rd on her was to 5th place and Shona scored some more 4th and a 5th to settle into 6th overall. Jonathan scored himself two 5th places on his way to 6th overall.


All 6 of our riders said that the trails were very slippery and the exposed roots that Djouce is famous for made the day very challenging. However they all also said it was one of the best days racing they have ever been part of and that the course was awesome. Joseph went on to say that “all courses should be like this” and that stage 5 was just a “slip n slide” and “savage fun”.

It’s turning out to be a master class of a season for Leah, this now added to her already collected national XC title which she won in July, making her double national champion of 2014 and she is still only 15. An amazing future is lying ahead for this young lady. Massive congrats to her and her.

Next up for the team is “Da Cooley thriller” and the “Bluegrass Enduro” all in 2 weeks’ time, then it’s on to Rd2 of the Munster Enduro and the last Rd of the Gravity Enduro series so it’s all play for at least another month.

Massive thanks to our sponsors, The Kona Bicycle Company, Mbw bike shop and GrRANA energy Europe, without your contained support we would be nothing, we hope we are doing you proud.