meganMeghan reports: If you want to race the best trails in Squamish, you MUST race the Gear Jammer. The trails vary from slick rock descents in the new, but locally famous trail Rupert, to the roots and technical climbs of Hoods in the Woods, the jumps in Manboobs, the swooping berms in Pseudopsutga, and the classic cross country finish of punchy climbs and short descents in crumpit woods. With this much variety in terrain, many riders have difficulty choosing the perfect race bike, but my choice is perfect and simple – A Titanium Kona Explosif!!! Although it is a hard tail, the angles of the fork and the larger wheel size make it feel like you are riding a dually down all these trails… The best part is, when you hit the climb, you can hold your speed because you have the lightness and efficiency of a hard tail cranking uphill.

I’ll admit, I had comments on my bike before I had even crossed the start line. I had one guy follow me down a trail, thanking me for the sick local lines, and when we got out the other side he couldn’t stop exclaiming, “but it’s a hard tail!” Needless to say, I had a great day!! …and my bike and I snuck across the finish line in first place. A would like to say a huge thank you to Kona for the support and for making such darn fun bikes!

Meghan Kindree, Squamish B.C.