Vancouver based filmmaker Josephine Anderson’s trailer for her upcoming film On Falling has just hit YouTube.  On Falling follows three young women as they reflect on their willingness to sustain broken bones, concussions, and organ damage as professional mountain bikers. It’s a dreamy, unorthodox glimpse into the inner landscapes of those immersed in a subculture where falling is normal. Blending white-knuckle riding, crashes, and quiet self-examination, the film unfolds as a sensory meditation on the rush of control that comes with completely letting go. On Falling features downhill world champion Miranda Miller, Enduro World Series medalist Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, and pro rider/Winter Olympic medalist Brittany Phelan. 

When and where you can see the complete film is up in the air right now as it was supposed to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival which has now been postponed with no new date set as yet. We will keep you updated for sure.