Saturday June 18th was an exciting day for all of us here at Missoula Bicycle Works. Chad, one of our ace mechanics, was getting married in the afternoon. The bike shop was closed for the day because we could not find anyone who was willing to miss the wedding to cover the shop. I couldn’t blame them. Chad is family here and none of us were willing to miss this special day.

The groom’s men were up bright and early helping to get all the cooking done. I am not sure if you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying the rare culinary skill of which Reed and Abe are capable, but they are extraordinary cooks. We all knew we were in for a great treat following the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was terrific. Seeing the fellas all dressed up was out of the norm. Watching them working so hard from getting choked up was quite moving. The day was clearly meaningful for all of us. Seeing them dressed in someting other than grease-covered clothes was really a different experience. Seeing them with a broad smiles on their faces for hours at a time was just as rare.

Rain was falling all day, but for one hour in the middle of the afternoon the rain stopped and the clouds cleared. Chad and Fanesa exchanged vows and we all breathed a sigh of relief. The party that followed was nothing short of memorable. A party that only those who have visited Missoula on a good night could believe.

We all consider ourselves a part of the greater KONAWORLD family and we couldn’t imagine KONA not playing some role in the wedding. In the spirit of sharing this special day with everyone at KONA we had one of our KONA tents set up to cover the wedding gifts.