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To celebrate Black History Month, MODSquad Cycles, the only bicycle shop located in historic Harlem, New York City, will donate 10% of its February 2010 revenue to Kona AfricaBike and Project Rwanda. In addition, Kona Bikes will donate an AfricaBike for raffle at MODSquad Cycles to customers who purchase at least $10 of retail goods. Owner Oyé Carr says, “AfricaBike combines capitalism with good works. For every two bikes purchased by Kona retailers, Kona donates a bike to an AIDS worker. Bikes are not just for sport. They are also a means of environmentalism and a source for social change.”

Kona is proud to be involved with a shop that has such a commitment to giving back to both the local and global community.

Stop in to ModSquad to enter to win the Africabike, and while you’re there, check out his selection of Africabike t-shirts, (all proceeds go to the Kona Basic Needs ) cool gear, bikes, and culture in the shop. You can even swing into the back of the shop and maybe catch some bike races on the TV!

Mod Squad Cycles is located four blocks North of Central Park in NYC.

Mod Squad Cycles