September 5, 2013 (Mongolia) – The sun came out for Stage Five of the Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge. It was a 96 kilometer loop with 1400 meters of climbing from the Berkh Mountains along the Kherlen River. The stage began with a GPM at the 30 kilometer marker and another climb to follow soon after at the 52 kilometer marker. Soon after the second climb a course marking issue caused the lead riders to go off course. Times were recorded for the men’s leaders at this point. Wallace (Kona) came first followed by Frendo (Oyu Tolgoi) and Sager (Jamis). The top three in the GC remains Wallace, Ortiz then Frendo.

Catherine Williamson continued to dominate the women’s race, however the group behind her saw some new faces today with Bethany Thompson and Jennifer Shulz riding in the group with Sonya Looney, Jessica Douglas, and Erin Greene. The race concluded with Williamson, Looney and Greene taking first, second and third, respectively.