We’re all in the business of bikes. Designing them, building them, selling them, racing them…

On any given day, it’s 5AM and Brent Van Eps is up and ready for another day of making things happen at the Montrose Bike Shop in Montrose, CA.

On any given Fall weekend, Dorothy Wong is also (probably) up at 5AM getting ready to put on another round of the SoCalCross Prestige Series.

And at any given bike race, Barry Wicks is the Icon and I’m the Other Guy.This last weekend in particular, the Icon and the Other Guy went on an ambassadorial race trip to experience the people and events behind this particular piece of the cycling scene in Southern California.

In three well-spent days, we got to know the people behind a great bike shop and better understand what it is that gives a Kona bicycle its value. It’s the people along the way, from start to finish, from concept to design to testing to showroom floor to trail. From the people who make them AND the people who sell them. At Montrose Bike Shop (MBS), it’s Brent Van Eps (manager), J.L. (owner), and mechanics and operators Lisa Mycroft, Will Katzman, and Dillen Maurer. They opened up their doors to us, shared good food and beer, and took us on a bike ride along the roads and trails in their back yard. Brent even lent us his spare couch for the weekend, and after getting to know the crew, we headed out to the race course on Sunday to meet the community and try to deliver a good show in the MBS installment of the SoCalCross Prestige Series – Turkey Trot Cross! More at Spencers Blog