By Ambassador Mya Akins

Have you ever thought of your bike as your best friend? The thing that’s always there for you, even when it’s broken? The thing that always has your attention? The thing that you think about all day? 

My bike feels like my best friend. I spend more time with it, than I spend with almost any person. Sure, I ride with people 99% of the time, but my bike and I are always together on the trail. My bike has helped me out of the toughest times… and put me through some of the toughest times. Like those really techy east coast climbs or those steep, really made for a dirt bike, west coast climbs. But that’s what makes relationships grow, right?!

My bike listens to me talk to myself on the trail. It helps keep me in check down sketchy trails and features. It’s been with me through every fall and injury… how nice of it to be so supportive! It listens to me complain, laugh, swear, hoot, holler, giggle, and probably even cry. It’s been with me through a lot of ups and a lot of downs. It seems to help me find solutions and spark my creative energy. 

My bike just gets me. It doesn’t talk back and seems to agree with me… most of the time! We dream about biking through fields of wildflowers and looking up at big beautiful mountains. We make plans to ride in wild places and travel the world together. We help each other meet more bike friends and try new things. I’m thankful for this best friend of mine! It makes the world feel a little less lonely and helps my mind stay at ease.