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Everyone has their favorite bike. My personal favorite bike is either my Big Unit, or my single speeded Major Jake. But sometimes a bike emerges as an institution, and becomes something bigger than the individual bike. The Stinky has done that, and the Africabike certainly has. But for me, the Dr. Dew holds a special place.

About 7 ½ years ago I was working in a shop and not at Kona yet. We sold Kona, and one of the bikes that I thought was really cool was this obnoxiously green bike called the Dr. Dew. It looked like the perfect bike to get around town on, without all the comfort bike accouterments seemed to prevalent at the time. My boss, however, thought the bike was way too ugly to sell in relatively conservative St. Louis, so we didn’t stock any. Over a couple of months, I sold a few as special orders, and Ron relented, letting me stock the bike. I sold 22 of those neon green Dr. Dews that year.

Fast forward a few months, I’m working at Kona and my wife needs a bike. Lo and behold, a Dr. Dew that had been used once was languishing in a corner of our warehouse. Being one of my favorite bikes, I had to get it for Amy.

A year later, my mom wants to buy a Kona for my dad as a Christmas gift, and I suggest the Dr. Dew. (Now a grey color) One of the owners at Kona rode in through the whole year on the same bike to work.

Jump forward again a few years, and I’m now a proud papa of a little guy that likes to Go! I need a bike that’s good for towing a little dude in a Burley, and good for getting around town in the wet winter months of Bellingham. What else but the Dr. Dew? (Now another shade of green)

Kona makes and has made a lot of very cool bikes, but something about the Dr. Dew shines through to me as the essence of what Kona is all about. It’s cool but simple. It’s functional and fun, built to last. And every time I ride mine, I think of all the people in St. Louis I turned on to a cool bike, my dad, a cancer survivor, riding his, my boss, riding in the rain and the grime, my wife, riding with me to a bbq or to a friend’s with our son in tow or my son, happily waving at dogs and singing to himself in the back of his Burley.

What’s your favorite Kona?