Words and photos by Ambassador Johannes Seehuber.

It is a different situation for all of us. I won’t even mention the buzzwords because everyone knows what I am talking about. The order situation in my main job is already very low, so there was time to leave the office pretty early today.

So, I headed out to my local trail spot to do some work.

Normally I do not do this without first asking my riding buddies for support or help or joining me. But yeah…. different situation. Currently there is little in everyday life to look forward to. No group rides on the weekend, no parties, no meeting up with friends, no access to bike park or pumptracks… and in general, it doesn’t really make sense to risk our health for riding bikes.

Right now (18.03) we don’t have a ban on going out here in Germany/Bavaria. So, trail building is still a possibility and something mountain bike related to do without risking health, having social contacts or breaking the rules.

I rebuilt some corners, worked on draining for wet holes, and updated other parts of the trail. 

And to be honest, I couldn’t resist testing out some of fresh features.

After four hours of working, rolling and taking some photos, the sun went down and I had to leave. I rolled down into the sunset, was thirsty and tired but more relaxed and satisfied then all the days of the last week.

The news on the car radio brought me back into reality. But while I was driving home, I thought…

Anticipation is the greatest joy… And right now, I created anticipation for the moment when I get to show my friends the progress on the trail build, the new features and berms.

I can’t wait to see their happy faces after test riding the trail.