Kona Ambassador Kathryn Dove is resilient. She enjoys big Type-2 adventures and commonly stacks them on top of each other. Throughout her sports journey, she’s overcome big mental and physical hurdles only to come back stronger and more determined to up her game. Whether racing, hitting big lines or coaching the next generation, Kathryn puts 100% of her energy into being the best.

Photos by Patrick Zuest

Kathryn is a regular at the NW Cup series and has worked her way up onto the podium on a few occasions. As a fulltime physical therapist, her training is whatever adventures she gets up to on the weekends. When not racing she can be found deep in the backcountry on her skis or snowboard or bike with her dog and her husband. Kathryn also coaches the Mt. Si high school women’s mountain biking team in her spare time. 

Photo by Erin Brockett