By Ambassador Josh Rizzo 

We all see nature and adventures through a different lens. In this post, I share a photo from a bike adventure and then Henry Cruickshank and Kate Strom share their illustrated version of that same scene.

Photo Version by Josh Rizzo @then_nxrth

I’m amazed how beautiful our own local backyards can be. Too often we overlook local adventures in favor of something more epic. This photo was from a bikepacking trip in the county I live in and have spent my whole life in. A friend and I took a weekend to explore an unfamiliar area and enjoyed a peaceful reconnection with nature and old roads.

Illustrated Version by Henry Cruickshank @cows_in_cars

I look at Josh’s photo and it encapsulates all the amazing things that camping has to offer, the peace, the tranquility, and the escape from everyday life. Unfortunately, my own camping experiences are rarely like that. Two small children and a dog bring their own kind of chaos. Also, we are normally camping because there is a race on and this has its own anti relaxation properties but the hope is always there that next time it will be different.

Illustration Version by Kate Strom @kateheartsart

This photo reminds me of how riding and camping shifts us to being much more diurnal and our sense of time isn’t dictated by numbers but by daylight. This scene also had me thinking about how backcountry adventures strike a weird balance between being alone as a human but being among an abundance of other living things.