A few months ago at the Kona Blast, Angi asked me if I would be interested in road tripping down to Bloomington, Indianna to do a CX race being put on by the local Kona dealer. After a quick calandar check to make sure I was free, it was game on for operation Kona Awesomeness in Indianna.

Angi flew into Chicago and picked me up in a standard issue sales rep edition Chrystler Town and Country. Before we set sail to locals south, we made an improptu party stop at Turin Bikes, a brand new Kona dealer right around the corner from my house in Evanston. Free beer and bacon pizza drew out the crowds and we spent an awesome evening hanging the locals and practicing our upside down flat tire change technique.

The mechanics at the shop needed a way to entertain themselves during the cold winter months, so they devised a flat changing competition involving moon boots hanging from the ceiling, a tire lever, and an air compressor hose dangling close by. Angi was the first sales rep to ever give it a go, and made it happen in 2 minutes flat. I put my mad flat changing skills to good use and won the competition with a blazing fast 1 minute 13 second inverted repair. My unlucky triathlete friend Mark, on the other hand, may have passed the 5 minute mark before giving up. I guess you don’t have to fix flat tires in triathlons.

The next morning we loaded up all the good stuff into our Town and Country and hit the road. We broke the trip up, stopping in at the Kona shops along the way, spreading the Kona groove and signing dealer agreements as we went. We hit up Cycle Bike Shop in Chicago, Virtuous Cycles in Lafayette Indiana, snagged some Demo bikes from Nebo Ridge Bikes in Indianapolis and finally landed in Bloomington at Andy and Zack’s house.

The next morning we got up, had a breakfast that couldn’t be beat, then headed over to Revolution Bike and Bean, the Kona dealer and host of the Bloomingcross Cyclocross race. We hung out there for a bit, sampling the delicious coffees and bikes on display, then headed out on the days mission.

Any bike nerd worth his weight in bottom brackets knows that Bloomington is the site of the epic and amazing film, “Braking Away” and with its Italian flair for shaved legs and hilarious bicycle scenes, I was on a quest to ride the infamous Little 500 bike on the Little 500 race track.

Luckily Angi is an awesome sales rep and knows pretty much everyone in town, so after a few quick phone calls we had procured ourselves two limited edition 2010 Little 500 bicycles and a tour guide and were off to the races! Well, almost. First we had to make an unannounced stop back at Revolution Bike and Bean for a quick flat repair after I got a little too rad with the coaster brake. Coincidentally, little 500 bikes are built to take a beating and it didnt even flinch at the thought of riping through town dodging the drunken homecoming crowds with a rear flat and a crazy pilot.