By Ambassador Julian Tyo

Our family lost our long-term rental this winter. With a pandemic-supercharged rental market here in the mountain west prompting us to downsize, we purge our belongings, forcing prioritization of what we actually need. How long will the insanity last? How did it steal into the community? Doesn’t matter now—always forward as my dear friend says.

Forever had a thing for souvenirs and knick-knacks. Conference ID badges, remnants of an old t-shirt, event posters, trail signs, newspaper clippings- hey that’s Matt riding a Lacondeguy at our first pump track event in 2010… but does this stuff actually have purpose to the future self? Most of these museum pieces can no longer serve as tactile mementos and must now survive only in photographs. Bidon collection gets a pass as water bottles at least possess function. The trash bag grows.

Secondary fridge will forever remain the ultimate luxury item. A functional art installation featuring 15 years of adhesive memories. Beverages consumed, trips taken, trails constructed, friends passed. A cheeky Facebook Marketplace ad ensured this monolith a new, preservation-minded home with permanent visitation rights—silver linings.

Process, Shonky, Wife’s Townie, Klunker, Kid Trailer, and Strider obviously make the cut. Beach Cruiser can go; we live in the damn mountains after all. Helmets? Yep- all recently minted plastic, no crashes. Extra wheels and tires gotta stay in this current state of high demand and disrupted supply chains. Holding onto 26” tubes for the next time the shop calls in need of a solid- the barter system is alive and well these days. Swear I have a plan for the 104 BCD crank. 2015 RS Monarch standard volume air can is disposable at this point, clearly not alone in its destiny.

Our family embarks on the next chapter, breaking down our comfortable little world and rebuilding together. Less space means less stuff- leaner, meaner versions of ourselves. Our community provides support and propels us onward, forward always as my dear friend says.