By Ambassador Henry Cruickshank

Sometimes we need to look back to go forward, the nineties were, for me, the golden era of mountain biking but what was it about those early years that make me want to fire up the DeLorean?

I am not alone holding those early days in high esteem; grass roots racing, people turning up and giving it a go, river crossings, signing on in village halls, races that where huge loops into the mountains, the excitement around a new sport, the colours, simpler times, less distractions, the music…And obviously no pandemic.

I also think for those like me that look back to that era it was the fitness we had. I found some old race results, medals, certificates and articles I wrote for the local newsletter, it was surprising to realise how quick I used to be.  

But too often we look back and claim that “it was better when…” or “I wish I could still” but why bemoan what we miss or used to be? To disagree with Blur Modern life isn’t rubbish we just need go out and find what we miss, use it as motivation, what better competitor can there be than a fitter former you?

So this year I tend to do race 1990’s me, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be fun trying.

To be continued…