By Ambassador Kyleigh Stewart

With snow on the ground and temperatures far colder than I can appreciate, I find this time of year is when I get most excited about the season ahead. Each year offers new opportunities, whether that’s a job, a new bike, or a dream riding trip, the options are endless.

With spring finally starting to creep up, I’ve been dreaming of everything bike-related 24/7. For myself, April usually signifies the start of the bike season and the end of my university semester, this leaves me with the perfect combination of free-time and tacky trails.

Although each season usually follows the same trends, every season has the potential to be so much more than the last. When you live in a spot like Kamloops and have to spend a solid 5 months off the bike it clearly separates each riding season and probably gives a person a little too much time to reflect on their aspirations. 

The bonus of this time off is it allows me to start fresh each season and identify what I want to accomplish. The downside, I probably dream about getting out to ride during 99% of my classes… sorry professors.

With that being said, I’ve been dreaming a lot about the path I want to take this season, between coaching, racing, and freeriding, the list goes on yet there is so little time to make it all happen. The one thing I know for sure is that the passion for riding that those bike-filled daydreams have created will transport me through the 2021 season faster than I’d like, regardless of what actually ends up happening.

So, as we head into spring in the northern hemisphere, what kind of a season have you been dreaming of?

Photos by Max Loukidelis