[quicktime width=”660″ height=”371″]http://www.konaworld.com/docs/IMG_1773.mov[/quicktime]Kona USA’s Dale Plant reports: New Frontier on a Bike…is what someone called it.

I just got back from a sales trip in AK where I went on this amazing ride (mostly) on the Skookum glacier in Portage (about an hour south of Anchorage near the Kenai Peninsula) with Greg & crew from Speedway Cycles/Fatback Bikes…our awesome Kona dealer in Anchorage.

It was perfect “crust” riding which only happens after several melt/freeze cycles in the spring that lasts for about a couple weeks. You could ride most anywhere with amazing traction. It was a bit like slick rock on snow. We rode from about 8:30 to noon when it started warming up and getting too soft.