By Ambassador Josie McFall

Follow me through a day in training as I prepare for the 2021 season, with a new vibrant all red kit to clash with my green process 134, a new focused plan with training and eyes set on racing. The main events in the calendar are the British 4x Series, along with the 4X Pro Tour Series and Fourcross World Championships in Italy. However i’ll also be participating in some enduro racing and giving my go at the innsbruck crankworx pump track and dual slalom.

This 134 is perfect for racing 4x, I ride a size small and switched the set up from a trail bike to a crazy full suspension jump bike, (she’s a looker, she really does make heads turn!) It makes the fastest tracks with the biggest jumps feel like nothing. A bike so easy to jump and throw around due to its size and short travel, yet so planted and comfortable. I cannot wait to take it to more places and throw it down some of the insane 4x Track across europe

The 2021 British 4x dates are as follows:

Round 1 – Harthill, Cheshire: 29th May

Round 2 – Harthill, Cheshire: 30th May

Round 3 – Falmouth, Cornwall: 3rd July

Round 4 – Falmouth, Cornwall: 4th July

Round 5 – Redhill, Gloucestershire: 31st July

Round 6 – Afan, South Wales: 4th September

Round 7 – Afan South Wales: 5th September

2021 Schwalbe 4X National Championships – Redhill, Gloucestershire: 1st August

As we are approaching the start of the season, myself and my dad along with a great team have been preparing up at harthill 4x track, this will be one of the best race tracks on the circuit with plenty of open turns for pulling all kinds of moves. It’s a great track for all ages and abilities with nothing too gnarly and will certainly start the year off great.

In the small season we had in 2020 the women’s numbers skyrocketed, with the biggest turn out in a long time. In 2021 i will be spending my time helping these numbers to continue growing, i will be running coaching sessions over at the revamped harthill 4x Track along with continuing to work with Dirt Factory to provide coaching over at farmer johns bike park and along with some other venues.

For more information on the 4x racing or coaching drop me a direct message on instagram @josiemcfall_ to find out more!