In their latest bikepacking trip, the Montanus ambassador duo explored one of the most incredible places on Earth, a stretch of prehistoric land enclosed between the Pacific Ocean and the Chilean Andes, following the eastern side of the Ring of Fire. ‘Cordillera de Fuego’ is a short film that captures the essence of a self-supported 500km adventure Francesco and Giorgio lived in the shadows of snow-capped volcanos and ancient araucaria forests.

The Unit X was their weapon of choice.

The Unit X has become a cult favorite among die-hard Kona fans. Maybe it’s the Cromoly frame. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a bikepacking monster, or its well-geared 12-speed drivetrain, or modular dropouts which give you the ability to run it as a single-speed if that’s your thing. Maybe it’s because the rigid fork makes it that much more of a classic. We may never know why the Unit X is such a popular bike, but we can only guess it’s because it is one of the most practical machines in our lineup.

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