No Foot Can’s were a classic Kelly McGarry move, turns out Nick loves doing them too… Photo: Phil McLean

The best thing about Mcgazzafest is that as sad a time it is, the weekend is all about remembering Kelly for all he was. This year was my first Mcgazzafest and to say it was a good time would be a massive understatement. The weekend is packed full of events (as per the usual day in Kelly’s life) and the idea is to get everyone involved and get people stoked to ride bikes and enjoy themselves.

Nick dangles his leg on the massive Dream Track Hip. Photo: Cameron Mackenzie

The Saturday evening Dream Track session was the highlight of my weekend as we had a ridiculous turnout of riders and spectators. We had overseas pros and all the local boys turn up to ride, the atmosphere was amazing with everyone throwing down until they literally couldn’t ride anymore. Kelly played a big part in my riding as a young grom, he’d never forget my name and always greet me a smile, to be able to ride and remember Kelly in one of his favorite spots to ride will be something that will always stay with me.