NSMB’s Mike Ferrentino has always had a bit of a sweet spot for our Honzo line and its geometry. We recently sent him a 2022 Honzo DL in “Smurf Blue”*. Mike has only had a couple of rides so he’s not giving anything away just yet, but he does take a good look over the $2500 bikes build in this first impressions post. You can check it on NSMB.com HERE.

*Not actual color name

“I liked it so much that since then I’ve had two steel hardtails built in homage to that geometry and versatility of purpose, and my current go-to yellow 29” hardtail is not a whole lot different by the numbers to that original 27.5+ beast. SO, when the opportunity presented itself to get some saddle time aboard the latest variation of the Honzo line, I raised my hand without hesitation.”