KonaProcess-6From NSMB: I haven’t made it a big secret that I prefer to ride small travel bikes or hardtails. When I found out I would be testing the Kona Process 153 DL, I was a little disappointed that I was getting a longer travel option (only now surpassed by the new 167). Fortunately for me, the 153 has been full of positive surprises. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the time that I spent on this bike, I have begun to see how people can own just one bike. I didn’t mean to test the Process as a “quiver killer”, it just happened to be a fine choice for the vast majority of riding I do. I did everything on this bike; I KOM’d 20 minute technical climbs; pushed myself on unfamiliar steep descents, and even rode some sizable dirtjumps. That’s not to say I didn’t have issues with the bike, or that I am actually willing to get rid of all my bikes just to have this one. I simply want to state that I enjoyed riding the Process 153 DL on a far larger variety of terrain than I had expected to. Read more