“These Kona Wah Wah 2 composite pedals have a massive but very thin 120mm x 118mm body, spin on large bearings that are easily serviced and replaced, are notably quiet on rocky trails, come in six colorways, take an absolute sh*t-kicking, and only cost 60 USD.” Andrew Major, NSMB.com

That’s the opening paragraph of Andrew Major’s extensive and objective review of our redesigned Kona Wah Wah PP composite pedal, and frankly, that makes us pretty proud. The original Wah Wah has some pretty damn big boots (more like big Five Ten’s) to fill and the aim was to make an updated pedal that could live up to that name and fit those same size thirteen Five Tens. This review, along with all the others solidify that fact.

Head over to NSMB and read the full review here. You can pick up the pedals at your local Kona dealer or buy them online from the comfort of your own home here (if you live in Canada) or here (for USA and the rest of the World)