Jeff Ashton is an ambassador from Castlegar, BC, and in nursing school. Here’s his take on staying balanced in school and on the bike.

What a time to be alive!  More specifically, what a time to be a student in nursing school. Stressful doesn’t even begin to explain the chaotic nature of the healthcare system right now and I am sure this feeling is universal with all essential work services at the moment. All this uncertainty packed with fear is a recipe for a mental breakdown.
So, what does this have to do with biking? And how on earth do I find time to get out and ride amongst all this chaos?

Well, in times of insecurity and extreme strain it is so important to get out and do something you love to ease the tension of the modern world. For me, biking is absolutely KEY to keeping me grounded and calm for when I have to go back into the thick of this stress. Being a university student comes with such a heavy workload which barely allows time for recreational activities, especially when working alongside studies. Despite this narrow window of opportunity, I push hard to have time to get out and escape reality on my bike. The only way I keep plugging along this wild ride is by looking forward to these sweet moments of adrenaline filled fun when my only worry is to not slam into that tree coming up!

So, for everyone feeling the heaviness of this pandemic, I have one thing to say to you: if you’re legally allowed to, GO RIDE YOUR BIKE! Leave the stress at work or at home for a few hours and pedal your way into a stress-free world. That is my #KONAescape